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Our oven cleaning team are fully trained with industry know-how to clean your oven to a professional standard that can’t be achieved by over-the-counter products. Let us save you time and effort by taking one of the biggest household chores and making it easy for you. Accumulated grease and fat can clog up and eventually damage your oven, not to mention the built up bacteria and germs that love to thrive in a dirty oven. We use non-acidic chemicals that can break down grease, fat and burnt-on food in a matter of minutes, maintaining your oven’s lifespan and making a safer space for you to cook.

We can clean domestic properties in Durham, and clean all types of cookers and ovens, including:

  • Gas Ovens
  • Electric Ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Range Cookers, such as AGAs
  • Extractor Fans
  • Hobs

We have cleaners throughout Durham and Durham County. See all the areas we cover here.

Why Get Your Oven Professionally Cleaned?

Reduced fire risk

Spilled food and built up grease could cause a fire to start in your oven. Regular oven cleaning will remove all this build up and will help protect your family and home.

No more bad smells

If your oven smells or smokes when you use it, it definitely needs to be cleaned. A clean oven shouldn’t create any bad smells, and it definitely shouldn’t be smoking! You local oven cleaning technician will clean out all the gunk that cause that smoke and bad smells.

Cooking will be easier

It might seem too good to be true, but a clean oven is actually easier to use! A clean oven heats up faster, so you won’t be waiting around while it preheats. A clean oven also heats up evenly inside, which means that any food you cook will heat up evenly too. That means no more burnt crusts and soggy bottoms!

Save energy and money

Whether you want to shave a little off your energy bill, or just want to be more environmentally friendly, a clean oven can help. A clean oven will heat up faster and work more efficiently than a dirty one, which means you can do the same amount of cooking while saving on gas or electricity. Your oven will also last longer if you keep it clean and running efficiently.

Why Call a Smart Cleaning Oven Technician?

Smart Cleaning offer professional oven cleaning in Durham, using the latest methods and techniques developed over years of training. We use a van-mounted heated cleaning tank to clean all internal racking and trays, transforming your oven in a matter of hours. Caring about our environment and the health of our staff and customers is important to us, that’s why we use biodegradable and non-toxic chemicals that are free from caustic soda.

When you contact one of our local Durham oven cleaning technicians, you can rely on:

  • Competitive prices
  • Non-caustic cleaning products
  • Friendly, fully trained technicians
  • Flexible scheduling designed to work around your schedule
  • A free, no-obligation quote when you first get in touch

Our oven cleaning process

  1. First, we will listen to what you need and provide you with a zero-obligation quote. If you decide to go ahead, we will arrange an appointment that works for you.
  2. Next, you local oven cleaning technician will arrive and get started! They will remove all the loose parts of the oven and leave them to soak in our van-mounted heated cleaning tank.
  3. Then, they will scrub your oven inside and out, using non-toxic cleaning products free from caustic soda. The parts soaking in the tank will be fully scrubbed and returned to the oven.
  4. Finally, you will be left with a clean oven. Because we don’t use harsh chemicals, you will be able to use it right away!

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What Can We Clean?

  • Single Ovens: Our standard cleaning services transform your oven; extending its lifetime and eliminating stains and grease.
  • Double Ovens: We specialise in deep cleaning all makes of ovens, including double ovens.
  • Range Cleaning: From Britannia and Lacanche range ovens to AGA range cookers, we professionally clean all makes of range ovens.
  • Hobs: For a smaller price we can concentrate on only the hob rather than the whole oven and extractor, cleaning just the parts that matter to you.
  • Extractor Hoods: Often forgotten, extractor hoods can get clogged with grease over time. We will clean your extractor as well as your oven if requested.
  • Microwaves: Our specialists are also fully trained to clean all kinds of appliances, even microwaves. Ask us to clean that too and we can save you one more job while we’re there.

Still not sure? Here are what past customers have to say.

“Steven has cleaned my oven for me. He has done an incredible job and also took the time to explain how to maintain it moving forward. He was a friendly chap and very professional. Thank you!!”

– Kerrie B

“Excellent service, friendly helpful staff at booking and at oven cleaning. Would certainly use again. Oven like new!”

– Jo H

“I would highly recommend this company. From my initial enquiry they have been very professional and prompt. I was delighted with the results of my oven cleaning exceeding my expectations. Dan was very friendly and efficient and worked extremely quickly and efficiently. The price was really reasonable too. I will definitely use Smart Cleaning again.”

– Diane T

Read more reviews here.

We don’t just clean ovens, we can also help with your carpets, deep clean your entire house, or jet wash your patio“.  Contact us today for more information. 

Single Door Oven £65
+ Hob OR Extractor £75
+ Hob and Extractor £80
Single & Grill above (aka double oven) £75
+ Hob OR Extractor £85
+ Hob and Extractor £90
Range (Any Type inc Hob) £120
Double Door £140
Triple Door/Aga £150
+ Extractor +£10

When can I book an Oven Cleaning Service?

Our office is open Monday -Friday 8.30am-4.30pm to assist you with making a booking.

What part of the oven do we clean?

We remove the glass so that we can clean it thoroughly leaving it sparkling and smear free. We remove all racking and trays and allow them to soak in the van mounted, heated tank. Then, using the bio-degradable & non-toxic cleaning products we get to work making your oven look LIKE NEW again!

How long does it take?

A single oven takes approximately an hour, with double ovens and AGA’s taking from 2-3 hours.

Which towns and post codes do we operate in?

Check out our areas pages to see all the locations we service.

Are your cleaning products safe for pets?

Yes! All our products are 100% safe around pets.

Is your oven cleaning service harmful?

We use non-toxic and non-caustic oven cleaning products so there are no dangerous fumes and completely safe for pets and children. This means that after the cleaning is done the chemicals are gone and it’s safe for you to cook.

Why do you need to clean your oven?

Having your oven professionally cleaned comes with a number of benefits. Firstly, keeping your oven cleaned will prolong its life. Dirt, grease and food debris build up and clog important parts of your oven. If you can see smoke or smell grease when you’re cooking it’s a clear indication that your oven needs to be cleaned. A professional clean from Smart Cleaning will get your oven back to shop-floor standards. Shop bought cleaners only remove the first layer of dirt and grease.

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